Monterey Transfer & Storage, Inc.
Local moving company near Monterey, with services including movers and packers, as well as records management.

Records Retention and Shredding Services

We provide document storage and shredding services for many local businesses in the Monterey Bay area.

Providing moving services, record storage, and document destruction to the Monterey Bay area

document storage boxes


Are you running out of space because a quarter of your office is stacked to the ceiling with boxes of files? Need to hire an extra person, but don't know where they'll work? Make some room by calling us today, and we'll come pack, bar-code, and store the items you don't use every day. 

delivery person delivering documents


Did you forget a box of files you were finalizing late last night? Give us a call or send us an email, and we'll return to pick-up more, even on the same day. Since all of your records are stored using convenient bar-code technology, your items are quick and efficient to store and retrieve. Also, our central location means your items could be as little as an hour away.

documents getting shredded and falling into a shred bin


Now that you've met your retention obligations, what are you supposed to do with hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds of paper documents full of sensitive personal, corporate, or government information? Just call or send us an email! If we're already storing the documents, our bar-code technology eliminates accidental disposal and makes it easy for us to identify and destroy only the items you tell us to. On a more personal note, if you have a box of old documents next to your shredder, but you just don't have the time; call us and we'll bring you a secure bin that can be filled and retrieved for destruction at your convenience.