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Sometimes we get asked; do I really have to take items out of my dresser?

No matter the distance of your move, some items should always be packed. For instance, breakable items should be packed using appropriate materials (i.e., packing paper, boxes with above average crush strength, etc.). You may leave your clothes in your dresser, if you're moving locally (e.g., within 100 miles). But, be sure to measure your dresser, with all of the drawers fully closed, and confirm that it'll fit down all hallways and doorways at both the home you're leaving and the home you're moving into. Perhaps most importantly, take all of your valuable items with you, like jewelry, cash, and important documents. Take a look at the American Moving and Storage Association's web-page, Moving Tips --, for confirmation that you keep such important items in your possession during a relocation. If you're unsure, ask your moving professional.