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This page serves blog posts with valuable moving tips and periodic discounts from professional local movers for residents looking to hire movers and packers near Monterey California.

Prepare to be present on moving day to answer questions that arise.

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Sometimes we may think, because we hired a pro for relocation, we don't have to be present on moving day. But, did you adequately segregate self packed items you're planning to transport yourself (i.e., the kid's tablets, or the dog's chew toy)? Or, have you planned to donate some items to your church, but didn't specify which ones with your estimators? Last minute decisions almost always surface during relocation, and they can turn the smoothest moving experience into a less than pleasant one when you have to make unplanned accommodations for items which were inadvertently shipped to your new home. Not only could it be inconvenient; but, since moves greater than one hundred miles from their origin are charged by weight, you may see an increase in your moving costs due to such oversights. Lastly, the importance of planning and scheduling cannot be overstated, but even the best planned and comfortably scheduled move can quickly deteriorate if you're not available to make these kinds of decisions.