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One reason certain central California coast counties cost more when moving

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Ever wonder why it seems so expensive to move in counties along the central California coast? For one thing, the Public Utilities Commission segments maximum rates by territory within the State of California. Monterey County just happens to be listed in Territory A along with other expensive counties like Alameda, Marin, San Mateo, and Sonoma. Such a little thing can add more than ten percent to your planned move, if you're comparing your move to a family member or friend who moved to and from any of the nearly fifty remaining California counties. So, remember to include where in the many components you consider during any move. Just one more reason to hire a pro you trust for your next move; we can help you find answers to questions about one of the most arduous events in life. Follow this link to read more about Item 230 in the California Public Utilities Commission Tariff documentation on their website.