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This page serves blog posts with valuable moving tips and periodic discounts from professional local movers for residents looking to hire movers and packers near Monterey California.

Trade groups agree, tipping your mover is appreciated but not necessary.

Wondering whether to tip your pro mover? Tips for extraordinary effort and customer service are always appreciated. Often, your respect is what will keep your movers motivated all day. Simple gestures, like the offer of a bottle of water when it's hot, will also let us know you appreciate our efforts.  

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Be cautious when accepting moving help from friends and family

It may seem like a benign request, to ask friends and family to help you move. But, think of it from their perspective...They may already be saying goodbye to loved ones leaving the county. Maybe it's not so fair to ask them to help you move your $2,000 flat screen, or $1,800 sofa. Check out the embedded video from winoni71 on YouTube for a comical look at moving inexperience in action.

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Prepare to be present on moving day to answer questions that arise.

Planning to be present on moving day may seem unnecessary if you hired a pro mover. But, often your move is just one of many that day for a lot of pros. And, notes get shuffled, and messages can be lost. It's much better for everyone if, in addition to careful and timely planning with estimators, you also plan to be present for the myriad of questions that will arise on moving day. 

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