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This page serves blog posts with valuable moving tips and periodic discounts from professional local movers for residents looking to hire movers and packers near Monterey California.

Wondering whether it makes a difference that your moving from self storage? BorisRabtsevich

If you're moving locally (e.g., within 100 miles), there are no additional fees or charges because the move is charged by the amount of time it takes to be completed. But, if you're moving long distance, there will be an additional fee based on the weight of the contents in storage and the total distance of the move. Additionally, there could be fees for long carries, having to traverse flights of stairs, and having to use additional vehicles to shuttle storage unit contents to the moving truck assigned to your move. Take a look at the California Moving and Storage Association's web-page, Moving Forms, for copies of the moving forms you'll encounter should you find yourself needing to move items from a storage unit. If you're unsure, ask your moving professional.

Sometimes we get asked; do I really have to take items out of my dresser?

No matter the distance of your move, some items should always be packed. For instance, breakable items should be packed using appropriate materials (i.e., packing paper, boxes with above average crush strength, etc.). You may leave your clothes in your dresser, if you're moving locally (e.g., within 100 miles). But, be sure to measure your dresser, with all of the drawers fully closed, and confirm that it'll fit down all hallways and doorways at both the home you're leaving and the home you're moving into. Perhaps most importantly, take all of your valuable items with you, like jewelry, cash, and important documents. Take a look at the American Moving and Storage Association's web-page, Moving Tips --, for confirmation that you keep such important items in your possession during a relocation. If you're unsure, ask your moving professional.

Home sellers should start taking action to schedule a mover.
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According to the National Association of Realtors web-page, here (clicking the link will open a new page), it took the average home seller just three weeks to sell their home in 2017. And, the peak moving season will be starting soon. So, if you're planning to relocate this year, getting several moving estimates might need to be the step you take right after you put your home on the market. In fact, the California Moving and Storage Association's web-page, Moving Tips, suggests scheduling your services thirty days ahead of your anticipated moving day. 

Trade groups agree, tipping your mover is appreciated but not necessary.
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Moving is hard, and sometimes we feel obligated to tip our pro movers at the conclusion of the day/move. Your chosen movers pack and move household goods and business assets all day, every day. Even on the weekends during peak moving season (i.e., Summer). From personal experience, and from both sides of the equation, we understand both the impulse/inclination to tip extraordinary service and the gratitude the gesture will be met with. But, we think simple acts of kindness/decency may go a lot farther. For example, keep soap and towels, or hand sanitizer, available in a bathroom you're comfortable with them using for the day. Offer bottles of water, especially when it's hot. Remember, movers are people too. Just as you appreciate and reward respect, we will too. For a little light reading, take one trade group's categorization of attempts to intimidate shippers into tipping as piracy; read the California Moving and Storage Association's Tips to Avoiding Moving Company Fraud, by clicking the title/link; a new window will open to their website. Alternatively, check out the American Moving and Storage Association's Moving Day Etiquette; a new window will open to their website/pamphlet.

Be cautious when accepting moving help from friends and family

We all try our best to be nice, and help out when we're asked; but, what do you do when inexperience results in costly damage? Hiring a pro, and electing an appropriate Valuation Declaration on your Combined Agreement for Moving Services and Freight Bill (clicking the link will open a new window), means you may not have to be stuck dealing with the financial consequences of good intentions gone wrong. Even though the embedded video is a hilarious depiction, actually putting this kind of tension on relationships already suffering from your decision to relocate can end good friendships.